October 23, 2007

Today’s my birthday!!

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I love this day!! I wait for this day all year and now it’s finally here!!

This is the one day nobody bothers me! All I get today are good wishes 🙂
Tomorrow starts the countdown, 365 days till my death.

Tomorrow is another day.
Today is my day 🙂


February 19, 2007


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I’ve picked a pistol as my weapon of choice.

I’ve searched around for different methods but found that blowing your brains out is the one that suits me most. I’ve always been fashinated with guns and their proper usage, but never got around to taking a course…got a reason now.

Quick and easy…


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23 October 2008.

I love this date so much if it was a person I’d marry it.


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It’s been awhile since my last (well actually…the one and only) post.

Haven’t had time to write.
A lot of things are going on in my life right now. I feel like I’ve been sucked into a whirlpool of activities, appointment, responsabilities leaving me very little time to gather my thoughts.

Alright. Maybe I should start with why.

Simple really…I’m tired of this life.

The more time passed by the less I feel connected to this world, these people, this life.
I’m 28 yrs old, which means I’ve lived propably about a third of my life.
The third in which you grow, experiment, discover your dreams, desires…get married, have kids.

And I have done none of those things.

Every year just one year older. I’m a mess. I don’t know what to do…is this what life is? Is this all that it’s meant to be? Then I don’t wanna live it…

June 5, 2006


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Welcome to the public diary of a long awaited suicide.

The idea of starting an online diary was brought upon by an already existing blog, about a man who planned his suicide and everyday, for the last 3 months of his life, updated the blog with his thoughts.
It became very popular.

People commented from all over the country and the macabre, and yet so appealing, news of his blog spread like wild fire.

Created with a free blog service, fake email accounts, proxy avoidance software for anonymous surfing…all to be able to write and never be found.

Ended his life off a bridge on July 10, 2005.
Exactly one year after his best friend’s suicide.

Even though I’m looking forward to the end, I feel the need to say something while I’m still here and I’m intrigued by possibility of a stranger reading what I write and be able to comment on it.

So here it is. My first post.

My final declaration of independence.

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